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2016-03 (Mars 2016)
my resume (in french).
2006-04-14 (14 avril 2006)
Some package definitions of my own for the NetBSD packages system (www.pkgsrc.org).
They're will be used in the pkgsrc building system to generate binary packages.

You will find stuff related to :

  • zabbix-1.1beta2 : tested under NetBSD-1.6.2/i386 and NetBSD-3.0_BETA/i386 with Apache2, MySQL4 and PHP4.

  • Zope-2.7.2 and Plone-2.0.4 : Epoz, GroupUserFolder, LDAPUserFolder, ZAAPlugins, etc.
    These packages definitions has been tested under NetBSD-1.6.2/i386 and Solaris8/sparc.
    For Solaris8/sparc, binary packages are also available: see below in packages/SunOS-5.8-sparc-pkgsrc-2005Q2/.
  • For further informations, please consult TODO file(s) in these archives.

    2003-04-30 (30 avril 2003)
    A shell .sh script that creates a clean chroot of Sun Solaris OS by the use of the Solaris packages (from install cdroms of Solaris).

    It was primarily designed to provide a build environnment for the NetBSD package system under Solaris, but must be usable for many other purposes.

    The NetBSD package system is a build framework for free software application, such as Apache, MySQL, postgreSQL or tcsh (and up to 5000 others), that provides binary packages of these apps.

    NetBSD package system documentation : http://www.pkgsrc.org.

    Solaris 7 is the only OS supported, but port of this script on Solaris 8 or 9 should be easy: just needs a new ordered list of Solaris packages to install.

    2005-10-04 (04 octobre 2005)
    Some binary packages for SUN Solaris 8/sparc (SunOS-5.8).
    These packages are in NetBSD's pkgsrc package system format (see http://www.pkgsrc.org for more informations), based on branch 2005-Q2.

    This is not a bulk build, but you will find packages of postgreSQL 8.0.3, subversion-1.20, Apache-2.0.54, perl-5.8.6, p5-DBD-Oracle-1.16, postfix-2.2.3, etc...

    Some of them (p5-DBD-Oracle, Zope-2.7.2) does not come from the 2005-Q2 branch. I've made them and they work pretty well (used in a production environment).